Westminster, Colorado Child Care Center



According to research, the biggest changes in social and emotional development that an individual experiences happen before the age of 3. Between birth and the end of toddler age, children develop the foundation for all social interactions.

A quality child care program is helpful in building a strong foundation for social development as the child prepares for kindergarten.  At Elements Academy, we offer a smaller than average classroom size that allows one-on-one interaction with the teacher while building social skills with classmates.

The atmosphere within the center is one of respect, which teaches children how to treat others.  Throughout the day children learn what sharing and taking turns entails.  Of course, children are just learning how to share and take turns, so conflict occurs at times, which is very normal.  When this happens, the teacher will oversee the conflict and allow the children to work it out on their own.  If they are not able, the teacher will offer solutions.