Westminster, Colorado Child Care Center

Our Philosophy

Our Purpose

  • To grow in faith
  • To partner with parents
  • To provide high quality child care at reasonable prices
  • To provide a healthy, clean, and safe environment
  • To provide a challenging environment
  • To teach children the value of being a lifetime learners
  • To teach children how to be critical thinkers
  • To provide an environment where learning is fun
  • To provide an atmosphere where children feel safe and comfortable being themselves


  • Each child deserves a safe, clean, and organized environment.
  • Each child learns at a different pace and in different ways.  It is our job to tap into what allows the child to become a lifetime learner.
  • Each child deserves respect at all times.
  • Each child deserves to be listened to and heard.  His/her opinion always matters.
  • Each child deserves a childhood of laughter and fun.
  • Each child deserves independence based on his/her capability.
  • Each child deserves to be themselves and feel embraced in who he/she is as a unique person.

Mission Statement 

The mission of Elements Academy is to embrace each child as a whole placing equal value on the five elements; social, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical